Holden Beach Self Storage Facility

Holden Beach Self Storage

Choosing a self storage facility is really quite simple.  It boils down to 4 factors:  access/security, availability, cleanliness and trust.  At OmniStorage we pride ourselves on all 4 of these qualities. 

We have served the self storage needs of Holden Beach residents since 1994 at our Shallotte facility and since 2007 at our Bolivia facility.  Hundreds of Holden Beach residents have stored with us.   OmniStorage ​is Holden Beach self storage, offering climate controlled storage, conventional storage, boat storage and RV storage.


These 2 factors are different sides of the same issue.  The more access – the less secure.  The less access – the more secure.   At OmniStorage we choose security first, and thus our access hours are restricted.

You've probably heard that "good fences make good neighbors".  Self storage facilities need "better than good" fences.  Nationwide, the one element that defines security more than any other is a continuous fence.  An attentive Manager on-site, video surveillance and hours of operation also figure in, but nowhere as important as a continuous fence.

OmniStorage in Bolivia has a continuous fence that is 8’ tall and almost all steel.  There is no chain link on our property. 

We have all of the other security elements mentioned above, and more.  One that figures highly in many people’s decisions is that we are exposed.  Our facility is not hidden behind something else.  No one feels threatened or isolated when on our property.

OmniStorage is also very semi-truck accessible.  Our drives and turnarounds are plenty large enough to allow the longest “18-wheelers” to navigate safely.


We have many different sizes/configurations of climate controlled storage and conventional storage.  Our spaces range from closet size, to large enough to fit the contents of a house or garage.

Ceilings in our storage spaces are around 10' tall.  Though you can load your space that high, the real purpose of the height is to facilitate air passage.  Our larger climate controlled spaces are lighted.


Cleanliness is a reflection of management and staff.  OmniStorage is clean and neat, both inside and outside.  


OmniStorage has the largest word-of-mouth referral network in Brunswick County.  Thousands of past and current tenants have become our marketing department.   And this is not just trust, it’s loyalty.  It is this loyalty that has resulted in OmniStorage being voted #1 "Best of Brunswick - Storage" every year that the Brunswick Beacon reader's poll has been conducted, including 2012.

OmniStorage is the most convenient full-service self storage facility to Holden Beach.  Come by and let us show off what makes our facility special.

People choose OmniStorage because there is a difference.